CCR cluster downtime is scheduled for Tuesday 27 July 2021. CCR resources (Globus, UB-HPC, submit) will be unavailable. Details: close

GHub tool users: please note that these tools are currently being moved to Debian10 containers, and may not run as expected: cmctgm; cmcthistplot; crevasseoib; gisplot2. Thanks for your patience! close



Publications Presentations Posters
"GHub: Building a glaciology gateway to unify a community". Concurrency Computat Pract Exper. Sperhac et al.; 2020. Gateways 2019, Presentation slides and Abstract, San Diego, CA.
  • EarthCube Annual Meeting 2021, "Ghub: Bridging ice sheet data and model communities"
  • AGU Fall Meeting 2020, "Ghub: A new community-driven data-model resource for ice-sheet scientists"
  • AGU Fall Meeting 2020, "Distribution and Evolution of Crevasses Draining the Firn Aquifer in Southeast Greenland Identified with a Ghub Tool"


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