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HPC Usage

HPC Job Counts

Some of GHub's computational tools use the high-performance computing (HPC) resources housed at University at Buffalo's Center for Computational Research. Counts of jobs that GHub tools submitted to these resources in the previous quarter are shown below. For further information, refer to CCR's XDMoD utility.

GHub HPC jobs ended statistics
Time Period Q3 2021
Total Count: HPC jobs ended 73

Globus Usage

Fast, parallel Globus utilities are used to transfer GHub datasets into and out of CCR's storage space. These statistics pertain to CCR storage only (UB SENS' Thule server is excluded).

GHub Globus data transfer statistics
Time Period Q3 2021
Total Terabytes transferred 8.04 TB
Number of transfers 118
Number of distinct users 14
Number of distinct source endpoints 5