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Developing tools on GHub

GHub members use existing tools to build their own tools. Get started with this basic tool development information.


  1. Starting out
  2. Developing with Jupyter Notebooks
  3. Essential tool developer resources
  4. More information

Starting out

We recommend undertaking new tool development using the Workspace10 and Jupyter10 tools. These GHub tools are so-called because they run in Debian 10 containers.

  • Tool Development Pipeline: manage development here
  • Tool Development Overview: outline of the development process

Developing with Jupyter Notebooks

We offer Jupyter10 with its kernels and notebook interface. Use it to run calculations, visualize results, submit jobs to CCR's high-performance computing cluster, publish notebooks, develop tools, and more. Refer to the Jupyter Examples tool for editable notebooks with code examples and specifics about this installation.

This screenshot shows a running Jupyter Notebook. Refer below for examples and documentation.

Selecting a kernel in a Juptyer Notebook

Some useful resources for creating and running Jupyter notebooks and tools:

Essential tool developer resources

The best choice for new GUI development under Jupyter is hublib.ui. Refer to the Jupyter Examples tool to see this Python library in action.

More information

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