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Data Overview

Both paleo ice sheet data, which records historical ice sheet change, and contemporary ice sheet data, which is tabulated by modern satellite missions, are crucial for shedding light on ice sheet sensitivity to climate change. An important goal of GHub is to host selected ice-sheet datasets that are typically difficult to procure, making both contemporary and paleoclimatologic datasets accessible to the ice-sheet modeling community.

Offering both of these types of ice sheet data in a central location will foster the appropriate use of datasets to validate models, enable the use of valid but esoteric datasets in modeling, and ensure the participation of modelers in the data collection process.

Paleo Data

Paleo data encode changes in the planetary climate, on the scale of the entire history of Earth. These data may be obtained using a wide variety of geological methods. With the GHub gateway, we hope to smooth the way for collaborative use of and easy access to these informative datasets for forecasting ice sheet melting. Efforts are now underway to extract basin information from existing models.

Contemporary Data

Contemporary ice sheet data consist of satellite observations that capture measures such as ice sheet surface height or thickness; ice flow speed; and geothermal flux. Ice sheet elevation change data provide sensitive indicators of ice sheet dynamics. This can assist in validating models, but time-series datasets of these elevation changes are needed, and are in the works by GHub collaborators.

ISMIP6 data and tools


The GHub collaboration is excited to host the ISMIP6 data release and now offers data access via Globus. We are busy developing notebook-based tools to help with evaluating, processing, and visualizing ISMIP6 output. Access information is found on our dataset listing.

Several model comparison tools on GHub are used with ISMIP6 data. You can browse them on our Tools page. At present, most of these tools use locally stored data; access to the full ISMIP6 data store directly from GHub is under development now. Stay tuned!

Data storage information

For information about data storage for the GHub project, as well as quotas and data staging locations, consult GHub data storage practicalities.

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