Tool and submit users: cluster-wide CCR downtime is scheduled for Tuesday, 29 September. Running submit sessions will be lost. More information: close

General Computation


GHub members have access to computational tools hosted on our base architecture,, for general computation and tool prototyping. Examples include:

  • Jupyter Notebooks -- available kernels: Python3, Octave, and R
    • packages ranging from Xarray and Cartopy to Matplotlib and Numpy
  • Workspace -- a virtual Linux container
  • RStudio -- development environment for the R language

Tool Development

GHub provides a multitude of resources for developing your own tools, including languages, compilers, and SVN source control. We can support workflows as well as batch-scheduling and execution on remote HPC resources.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC for GHub is based at Center for Computational Research (CCR). Please contact the GHub PIs or UB CCR for access to our general compute cluster, which offers a variety of software packages, including ISSM.

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