CCR centerwide downtime is scheduled for Tuesday 24 August 2021. CCR resources (Globus, UB-HPC, submit) will be unavailable. Details: close

GHub tool users: please note that these tools are currently being moved to Debian10 containers, and may not run as expected: cmctgm; cmcthistplot; crevasseoib; gisplot2. Thanks for your patience! close


GHub supports numerous collaborative features to help ice sheet scientists organize, streamline, schedule, and track their work together. Use these features to communicate with your colleagues; our documentation will get you started. Have further questions? Just ask!

These collaborative areas are supported on GHub:

Announcements -- write brief communications Blog -- author longer posts about your work Calendar -- schedule group events
Forum -- pose questions for the community Members -- view the list of GHub collaborators Projects -- assemble lists and documents for collaborative work
Resources -- upload and use tools and publications Wish List -- list wishes and todos Wiki -- create informative posts








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