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To cite GHub please use the following, published 10 December 2020:

Sperhac, JM, Poinar, K, Jones‐Ivey, R, et al. GHub: Building a glaciology gateway to unify a community. Concurrency Computat Pract Exper. 2020;e6130.

Please note that GHub now enjoys priority access to CCR compute nodes. This change is transparent to you (but should result in shorter wait times for resources, both regular 'submit' jobs and Pegasus jobs). Any issues, problems, or questions, please enter a ticket.

3 November 2020


  • We now have our own domain name:
  • The new Debian10 Workspace tool is available.


  • Documentation and About include tips about running and developing tools, accessing your Dashboard, and registering for membership.
  • GHub member registration links have been added to most site pages. You'll need to register (free!) to run tools.
  • Google Drive integration is now in place for GHub Projects
  • Feel free to post on the GHub wiki, forum, blog, calendar, etc. This space is for us!

Related GHub team tools

Send me an email (jsperhac-at-buffalo-dot-edu) to join (or with any questions):

9 October 2020

Tool news:

  • Support for a Debian10 workspace based in a Docker container: coming soon.
  • Fresh install of Anaconda will be in the Debian 10 environment, should fix some tool UI issues.
  • Google Drive integration problem is being investigated and fixed.

UI and site appearance:

  • We can apply for our own domain name for ghub. What would we like to use?
    •, are two available options
  • We are are fixing up some UI issues in Projects.
  • GHub Team page is updated; check it out.

We are excited to announce new ISMIP6 data access!

ISMIP6 collaborators can now access the data store at CCR and UB using Globus for efficient, easy file transfer.

Most datasets stored on 1km grids can be found on UB Geology's Thule server (endpoint name: Thule_ISMIP6); larger grids are stored on CCR's own project space.

Access Globus using your own institutional credentials. This utility makes data access fast, secure, and easy. Just contact us by creating a ticket with your user details to get set up.

Welcome GHub users!

Please check out our newly published tools, which make use of the CCR high-performance computing cluster:

A few GHub updates:

All GHub content pages are now browsable by any visitor. Resources, tools, data access, and project materials remain secured to group membership.

Feel free to post on the wiki, forum, blog, calendar, etc. Play around--this space is for the collaboration.

Documentation has been expanded--including tips about using and developing tools, accessing the Dashboard, and registering for membership.

Please comment or inquire if you have questions or remarks.