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About the Group

Public Description

The Global Archive of Dome Instabilities (GLADIS) contains information about 287 individual collapse events from 42 different volcanoes, and presents 103 structures that have remained stable after emplacement.

The following information is recorded where available: morphology (dome shape/type, dome confinement, underlying topography); emplacement (growth duration, style of emplacement, extrusion rate, composition); precursory activity (seismic, explosive, gas flux); geometry (height, width, volume); and nature of deposit (resultant flow type, maximum runout, human impact, deposit volume, collapse duration).

The database incorporates a new classification scheme for the scale of collapse events that uses the proportion of dome volume shed which allows collapses to be consistently classified. We therefore list also a collapse percentage and an associated grade.

Further reading:

Harnett et al. (2017). Investigating conditions promoting lava dome collapse: an introduction to the Global Archive of Dome Instabilities (GLADIS). In prep.