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About the Group

The Cities and Volcanoes Commission aims to provide a linkage between the volcanology community and emergency managers, to serve as a conduit for exchange of ideas and experience between "volcano cities", and promote multi-disciplinary applied research, involving the collaboration of physical and social scientists and city officials.

To see details about CaV core activities go to: https://vhub.org/groups/cav/announcements

The commission facilitates the selection of Cities on Volcanoes Conference venues and provides advocacy and advice where needed to the planning and running of these conferences.


The commission supports the activities of the Volcanic Ash Impacts Working Group, including its five main themes:

Theme 1: More Effective Ash Fall Warning Messages.
Theme 2: Protocols for Ash Fall Data Collection and Analysis
Theme 3: Checklist of Topics & Indicators to Collect Impact Data Following Eruptions
Theme 4: Ash Impacts Loss-damage Functions for Risk Calculations
Theme 5: Improve International Ash Fall Impact Data and Image Repository

The commission has developed a relationship with the Springer Journal of Applied Volcanology and maintains a scope that is complementary to the Bulletin of Volcanology