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IAVCEI - IAS 4th International Maar Conference: A Multidisciplinary Congress on Monogenetic Volcanism

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Description: Scope: Maars and scoria (cinder) cones are small-volume volcanoes that are the most common volcanic landforms on Earth. Maars may be viewed as ‘wet’ equivalents of scoria cones. Maars and scoria cones are even more colourful if we consider that they commonly form groups or clusters, or have structurally-controlled alignments. In recent years, volcanological research on maars and scoria cones and their associated volcanism has enjoyed a noteworthy renaissance. After the First International Maar Conference, which took place in Germany in 2000, a second meeting was held in Hungary co-organised with Slovakia and Germany in 2004 and the third in Argentina in 2009 now we invite you to join to participate on the upcoming Fourth International Maar Conference in Auckland, New Zealand in 2012. A major meeting on monogenetic volcanism was held in Mexico commemorating the 250th anniversary of the Jorullo scoria cone eruption in 2009 marks the time when the need to have a specific conference on monogenetic volcanism has been expressed. The Fourth International Maar Conference therefore will not only focus on maars but intend to call researchers to share their results on any aspects of monogenetic volcanism. Monogenetic volcanoes, which commonly occur in volcanic fields, are receiving increasing attention within the research community. Because of their relative simplicity (compared to polygenetic volcanoes, for example), they provide important insights into magma generation and collection at depth, ascent dynamics, and controls on eruption styles and the potential relationships between these processes. In addition to their value for basic research, monogenetic volcanoes and their host volcanic fields are an important focus of hazard and risk assessments for many urban areas and critical facilities around the world. As a result of this increased research, the 4th International Maar Conference will expand in scope to be a major scientific conference for experts in any aspects of monogenetic volcanism. The 4th International Maar Conference: A multidisciplinary congress on monogenetic volcanism invites contributions related to the full range of processes associated with monogenetic volcanoes and their hazards. Date: Conference: 20th (Monday) – 24th (Friday) February 2012 Icebreaker: 19th (Sunday) February 2012 evening Intra-congress field trip to Auckland Volcanic Field (included in registration): 22nd (Wednesday) February 2012 – Rangitoto and Brown’s Island Conference dinner: 23rd (Thursday) February 2012 Closing ceremony: 24th (Friday) February 2012 Field trips Pre-congress field trip takes place between 17th (Friday) February – 19th (Sunday) February 2012 – 3 days (2 nights). Field trip to the South Auckland, Auckland and Northland volcanic fields in the North Island of New Zealand (minimum number of participants – 20, maximum numbers 35) Post congress field trip takes place between 25th (Saturday) - 27th (Monday) February 2012 – 3 days (2 nights). Field trip to East/Central Otago – South Canterbury maar diatreme and Surtseyan volcanoes in the South Island of New Zealand (minimum number of participants – 20, maximum numbers 35)
When: Monday 20 February, 2012 1:00 pm EST - Friday 24 February, 2012 10:00 pm EST
Where: Auckland, New Zealand
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