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VMSG 2011

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Description: Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group Meeting: from VMSG website: The science of volcanoes and society The effects of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption brought volcanic activity to the forefront of the UK public consciousness for the first time in centuries. How can we improve volcano monitoring strategies? How can we better predict the environmental impacts of eruptions, their direct influence on those living close to volcanoes (pyroclastic flows, glacial floods) and the far-field effects (ash clouds, volcanic gases)? We welcome contributions from scientists involved in the observation and/or modelling of volcanic impacts on society. Volatiles in magmas and volcanic degassing What is the role of volatiles in magma evolution, dynamics and eruption? How do they behave in volcanic plumes? We encourage contributions involving measurements of volatiles in melts, phenocrysts and volcanic gases, experiments and modelling. Crustal storage of magma What happens when magma batches stall in the crust and accumulate in large magma chambers? How do replenishment and emptying of such bodies relate to the fluid dynamics of the magma body and surrounding crystal mush? How are these processes preserved in the intrusive and volcanic record? We welcome contributions aimed at addressing problems associated with the fluid dynamics of these open systems, including the effects of partial solidification and fractionation driven by cooling. Volcanic margins How is melt generated at volcanic margins? Where does it pond in the mantle and crust and how is it transported towards the surface? We invite contributions from geophysicists, geologists, petrologists and numerical modellers who are addressing these questions at ancient volcanic margins such as the north Atlantic, and also at embryonic margins such as Afar. Mantle processes How are compositional heterogeneities in the convecting and/or lithospheric mantle reflected in the compositions and volumes of erupted melts? How do these compositional heterogenities originate in the Earth's interior? What are the controls on melt generation in the mantle? We welcome contributions from geochemists, petrologists and geophysicists who are addressing these questions and other aspects of mantle processes.
When: Wednesday 05 January, 2011 1:00 pm EST - Friday 07 January, 2011 10:00 pm EST
Where: Cambridge, UK
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