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Dawn Catherine Sweeney Ruth

Is it possible to output an .eps file for the figures produced? This file format imports better into vector graphics programs like Illustrator/Corel Draw/Inkscape.

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    Joaquin Alberto Cortes

    Hi Dawn,

    Yep, PINGU actually produces an EPS file of the plot that is then converted into a JPEG for display in the GUI. To access and download the EPS plot, you first will need to connect to your VHub space using WebDAV; follow this link for more details on this:

    after connecting to VHub using your name and password through WebDAV, you will have a folder in your computer in which the plots will be created. This folder is a shared disk with VHub, so after using it you have to disconnect it, like a memory stick

    Anyway, after you are connected, open PINGU and in the input data page, select “YES” to the question “Save in Workspace?”… a new box will appear asking for a file prefix and an output path; for the output path give a name of a given folder in which your plots will be created and the prefix can be anything meaningful for the name of the files. Do your usual plotting and then check in the WebDAV folder; a new folder will be created with the JPEG, the EPS, the original data and the used data in the plot as text files.

    Feel free to ask more questions ;)

    and if you a e happy with the answer, select “closed, answered” instead of “open” in your reply

    Cheers Caco

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