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Jose Armando Saballos

wind profile data

Dear VHub managers, I am using the windre tool and I have tried to download wind profiles for different Nicaraguan volcanoes, but always get the same data for all of them (i.e., windroses at different elevations, wind profiles for tephra2). Why?

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    Jose L. Palma

    Dear Jose Armando,

    Currently the windre tool calculates the statistics of wind data from the nearest data point found in the Reanalysis dataset. The grid in this dataset has a 2.5 degrees spacing. It may be the case that volcanoes that are very close to each other (within tens of kilometers) share the same nearest data point. In general, high winds will be very similar within the 2.5 degrees region.

    I have plans to add another set of wind data that should improve the current resolution, so that the statistics calculated for each volcano would be more accurate.

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