Share and Publish

As a contributor Vhub delivers a large audience to you. Vhub lets you publish simulation tools and seminars, materials for which traditionally you could not publish widely or at all and, thus, could not benefit from readily. Vhub also delivers usage data on your content to help you quantify the impact of your materials. This information is available in various downloadable forms to help you prepare your own documents that tell the quantitative story of your success to others. Vhub users provide reviews, ratings, questions and answers, and wishes for your content items. This broad feedback can prove invaluable.

For graduate students thinking about publishing on Vhub, your research can now appear not just on the static pages of research publications, but your tools and data can be published in a form that others can immediately use. By the time you complete your PhD and look for full-time employment, you may have thousands using your simulation tool(s) for research and education. This certainly helps with interviews in industry as well as academia.

For faculty, usage data on your Vhub publications can help you demonstrate accomplished impact and a proven, realistic outreach program for your research and/or education efforts. Then, writing Vhub into your proposals for future work lends an uncommon strength to your claim to have a credible outreach plan. Also for faculty, Vhub can make a tremendous addition to your classes.

So, start to share and publish on Vhub! You can always do this through the "Resource Warehouse => Add Contribution", or follow the shortcuts below. Once you have started a contribution, you can interrupt your work and pick it back up inside "My Account."